parking spotlight: Chicago

Old Honda ad

This is an old Honda scooter ad.  Chicago has scooter parking regulations.  Scooters in the city of Chicago are prohibited from parking on the sidewalk, as well as bicycle racks.  But Chicago didn’t stop there… they have a brochure explaining parking, as well as paying!

Here is a link to the brochure, apparently published sometime after April 2007.  It’s called “Parking your Motorcycle or Scooter in Chicago.”  It outlines the correct way to park, and also talks about how to display your receipt when using a pay and display machine.  (Like the newer machines mentioned here:

While I applaud the Chicago brochure, the extra hassle of displaying the receipt for the scooter is a pain.  You must write your license plate on the receipt, make sure your scooter headlamp is neither dirty nor wet, and then apply the receipt using the adhesive backing.  It’s 2008 folks, if we can have pay-and-display machines why can’t we have pay-without-receipt machines?  Can’t the traffic cops go to the machines themselves and have the machine tell them which vehicles are expired?  Or why not just have people input their license plate number when they pay, and the tickets can be automatically mailed out to offenders?  (Like the red-light-photo-runners.)


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