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graphics designer wanted

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Whether you call it sales or marketing or education, the best efforts involve communicating a vision.  Having a visual example of what we want would help people understand it.  (As an example – think of all the sketches and renderings that surround new developments.)   Please leave a comment if you can help with this sort of thing.  (No money to pay you, but we could give you credit for your work, maybe provide a link to your portfolio site.)  Whether hand-drawn or built with a design program, I think we could use some good examples.  Thanks!


A good recap of the first meeting

Jeff over at Urban Infill has a good recap of our first meeting, held last week.  His post also does a good job of summarizing the problem.  As he explains, this presents an opportunity.

Motorcycle clubs – rollcall !

Leave a comment if you have a website for local motorcycle clubs.  I myself don’t belong to any (don’t own a motorcycle) so chime in so we can add them to the links.  To be clear – while many of us are coming at this from the scooter perspective, we recognize that motorcycles need designated parking as well.  We can work together!

Parking tips from other cities

The Ride-to-Work website has considered the need for PTW (powered two wheeler) parking.  I like the idea of independent thinking, but sometimes you can learn from others.  In this case, maybe we can learn from other cities who have tried to get PTW parking.

Some facts

These facts from the Ride-to-Work Website make some good arguments. 

(For the record though, I am not convinced of their fuel savings numbers.  But you get the point.  Even the worst motorycle has better fuel economy than the average car or truck.)

parking spotlight: San Francisco

There’s a transportation focused blog (for Columbus) that had a short posting on scooter parking in San Francisco, one of our example cities.  Good photos too.  Go read it:

* It’s really kind of sad that no group or company has put together a comprehensive guide.  (Yes I’m looking at you, Piaggio and the Motorcycle Industry Council.)  There is this group ( that has some information, but it’s not comprehensive and it’s a 501c4.  This type of guide should already exist, so that we can focus on just getting a petition going and lobbying our politicians.  Instead we also have to educate the traffic engineers.

PTW parking space criteria

Please comment on what you think about this guide.  On my other site, someone left this in the comments.  I thought it deserved its own posting here.

“Maybe the lack of proper scooter parking is a due to a lack of understanding of our needs. That’s why I made this:
Feel free to pass it along to whomever will do something good with the information.”

This was from Gerry of  Thank you Gerry!