Big Things Afoot

Unfortunately those of us writing for this site have gotten very busy.  It didn’t help that just about the biggest weekend of the whole summer was last weekend.  (Comfest, Pride, PodCamp, Social Media Cafe stuff….. and that’s just the high high highlights.)  Nevertheless, the quest for scooter parking here in Columbus continues.  Based on the Cutters forum, several Cutters met with the City of Columbus and some things are moving along on that front.  That is good news.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to sit back and wait.  And I think some of our readers may feel the same way.  My next post will focus on my plan for parking, which involves not only scooters, but also bicycles and green space.  But I didn’t want that plan to overwhelm the good news, that the City of Columbus is supposedly looking into this.

OK, one more thing.  Did you all know that the City of Grandview provides designated scooter and motorcycle parking for Euro Bike Night events?  Sure, it helps that one of the organizers is a Grandview police officer, but still.  They put up signs alerting cars not park there after a certain time.  Go Grandview!


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