More spots Downtown

I saw about 6 scooters and motorcycles parked today in one of the new spots. This was spot # 3 in the City’s report, on East Lynn Street just east of High. Spot # 8 in the report was the kick-off spot, in front of the Subway. And here is a photo from last Thursday night, at spot # 5, Gay and Pearl…looking North on Pearl

looking west towards High Street

I expect that as these spots become more well-known, they will see even more use.


5 responses to “More spots Downtown

  1. Just curious: what do you lock up to? As we all know, it only takes a matter of seconds to throw a column-locked scoot into a van or truck for hot-wiring or breaking down into parts.

  2. That is definitely a big issue. I am a little paranoid, but I always worry if my scooter is not locked up to something, and I can’t see it. The new areas downtown don’t have anything to lock to, so they are not perfect yet.
    Steering column lock of course, maybe hit the kill engine switch. If you are riding with a friend lock to each other.

  3. I think it’s good to see what other cities are doing about scooter parking. Check out what Annapolis, MD has:

  4. Very cool! I added these and other spots (all across the US and Canada) to my iPhone app to help people find motorcycle/scooter parking spots where they’re at, not necessarily at their computer. You can find out more and download it at:

    Enjoy and ride safe!


  5. Let me try that again…

    The link is at:

    Park the Bike iPhone App


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