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I’ll be responding to the comments shortly, if you haven’t already gotten an email from me.  Didn’t mean to be so slow about it.  I went on vacation, so I was out of town and out of touch.  Thank you all for reading and commenting!  More frequent updates…. starting NOW!

Oh yea, some stats.  This site was started June 7th, 2008.  Not even a month old yet.  Shortly after we started, on June 11th, we got 86 views.  Not bad at all!


Big Things Afoot

Unfortunately those of us writing for this site have gotten very busy.  It didn’t help that just about the biggest weekend of the whole summer was last weekend.  (Comfest, Pride, PodCamp, Social Media Cafe stuff….. and that’s just the high high highlights.)  Nevertheless, the quest for scooter parking here in Columbus continues.  Based on the Cutters forum, several Cutters met with the City of Columbus and some things are moving along on that front.  That is good news.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to sit back and wait.  And I think some of our readers may feel the same way.  My next post will focus on my plan for parking, which involves not only scooters, but also bicycles and green space.  But I didn’t want that plan to overwhelm the good news, that the City of Columbus is supposedly looking into this.

OK, one more thing.  Did you all know that the City of Grandview provides designated scooter and motorcycle parking for Euro Bike Night events?  Sure, it helps that one of the organizers is a Grandview police officer, but still.  They put up signs alerting cars not park there after a certain time.  Go Grandview!

Motorcycle clubs – rollcall !

Leave a comment if you have a website for local motorcycle clubs.  I myself don’t belong to any (don’t own a motorcycle) so chime in so we can add them to the links.  To be clear – while many of us are coming at this from the scooter perspective, we recognize that motorcycles need designated parking as well.  We can work together!

Site Kick Off!

Columbus needs scooter parking.  A group of people have met and we’re working towards getting scooter parking.  (Technically scooter and motorcycle parking.)  This is the new website that we’ll be using to coordinate our efforts and share information.

I have copied the parking posts from my other site to this one.  More updates will be coming soon.  And yes, the design is pretty much copied from my other one.  It’s more important to me that this be functional, than look astoundingly new and different (and better).

Please leave a comment if you would like to help us get scooter parking in Columbus.  Also, comment if you are from another city and have advice on getting scooter parking.  And PTW is the term for scooters and motorcycles (powered two-wheelers).