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July Success!!

Thanks for the photo Chivespa!  More thoughts later, but I thought this was worthy of its own post.

Care of Walker at Columbus Underground, we have the City of Columbus scooter parking report, as well as this additional tidbit:

The properties controlled by ODOT and CDDC (670 Cap and Rich/High corner) are still being negotiated. The City does not control the properties but is advocating for parking as a use on those spots.

We’ll start striping and signing Gay Street spots today, and the rest will come on line in the next few weeks.


Some facts

These facts from the Ride-to-Work Website make some good arguments. 

(For the record though, I am not convinced of their fuel savings numbers.  But you get the point.  Even the worst motorycle has better fuel economy than the average car or truck.)

Fun with charts

Yes I like numbers, I don’t shy away from the geekiness.  🙂  Here are some charts for your viewing pleasure.  (Sorry for the crummy quality, trying to improve it.)

source for state and county data: August 2007. Ohio BMV, Office of Communications, Dustyn Fox.

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