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In A World…

(yes, imagine that deep-voiced announcer speaking)  I have an idea for a great event. I am unveiling it here, for Columbus to consider.  (Disclaimer: It is not solely my unique idea.  Like all great ideas, it was created organically with many people brainstorming.  And yes I realize this overlaps with other things going on in Columbus, we can work together on this, or at least share ideas.)

2 parking meters


                             USDOT sign for bicyclesymbol for a scooteryou can see the blades of green grassarrow pointing to the right

I want an event that will highlight how many scooters and bicycles we can fit into one car parking space.  I want an event that will draw attention to better uses of public space than storing cars.  In short, I have a dream.  I call it a plan but I haven’t done much work on it yet, so I think dream is the more apt term.

(Now if you hate green space and you only want motorcycle and scooter parking, then you should stop reading now.  You’ve been warned, this idea might be going a bit off topic from the main subject of this site.)

Now, how to communicate this vision?  (oy, too many terms)  OK.  I previously asked for some graphic design help, and I’m still working on that.  I can not do that work myself, it is just not my skill.  (So yes you can still help!)  So I’m going to use a poor step-child to pretty renderings: photos.  They aren’t even cropped together, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  (I have tried to give all photo credits, please let me know if you want your photo removed.  Just click on the photo to see where it is from.)

What do I want from you, dear reader?  I want your suggestions, your criticisms, your pragmatic comments, your wild-and-visionary comments, your energy, your enthusiasm.  Tell me, what do you think of this idea?

Imagine an already established event that is held here in Columbus, oh – say once a month.  Now imagine it with some slight changes.  Keep these changes in mind as you head out this weekend.  Where, you ask?  Oh I don’t know – maybe Gallery Hop?

 Short North in Columbus at night   Imagine an area with lots of people walking around.

(cue announcer voice) In a world without parked cars… what do you do with all those parking spaces?

Starting simple you get this:6 motorcycles parked in a row in San Diego






   You can probably fit 3 – 4 motorcycles in each car space, with parking spaces this wide.  It is important to provide enough space that riders can get on and off without hitting the motorcycles next to them.

Rule of thumb – most scooters are smaller than their motorcycle brethren.  So you can fit more scooters in the same car space.  Here you see similar non-crammed parking, with 5 scooters.

5 scooters parked in a row







Now imagine that the former-car-parking-spaces are also used by bicycles.

bikes parked in official street parking

taking up former car spaces on the street







Seems like you can fit 6 – 12 bikes in the parking space created for one car.

And just to reiterate, this is in the space that was formerly a car parking space.

8 bikes parked on the street

But wait, a big row of parking, albeit motorcycles and scooters and bicycles…. can’t we do better?  Hmmm…. what if there was some green space in between the parking sections?

chairs sit on grass in a reclaimed parking space







Ah yes, that’s better.  🙂

In a future post I will give some more reasoning as to why this is a most excellent idea.  But today I just wanted to leave you with the pictures, with the images.

Thank you for reading.  And I repeat – Please share your suggestions, your criticisms, your pragmatic comments, your wild-and-visionary comments, your energy, your enthusiasm.  Tell me, what do you think of this idea?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled business-as-usual day:

in Columbus, OH


graphics designer wanted

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Whether you call it sales or marketing or education, the best efforts involve communicating a vision.  Having a visual example of what we want would help people understand it.  (As an example – think of all the sketches and renderings that surround new developments.)   Please leave a comment if you can help with this sort of thing.  (No money to pay you, but we could give you credit for your work, maybe provide a link to your portfolio site.)  Whether hand-drawn or built with a design program, I think we could use some good examples.  Thanks!

Motorcycle clubs – rollcall !

Leave a comment if you have a website for local motorcycle clubs.  I myself don’t belong to any (don’t own a motorcycle) so chime in so we can add them to the links.  To be clear – while many of us are coming at this from the scooter perspective, we recognize that motorcycles need designated parking as well.  We can work together!