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More spots Downtown

I saw about 6 scooters and motorcycles parked today in one of the new spots. This was spot # 3 in the City’s report, on East Lynn Street just east of High. Spot # 8 in the report was the kick-off spot, in front of the Subway. And here is a photo from last Thursday night, at spot # 5, Gay and Pearl…looking North on Pearl

looking west towards High Street

I expect that as these spots become more well-known, they will see even more use.


July Success!!

Thanks for the photo Chivespa!  More thoughts later, but I thought this was worthy of its own post.

Care of Walker at Columbus Underground, we have the City of Columbus scooter parking report, as well as this additional tidbit:

The properties controlled by ODOT and CDDC (670 Cap and Rich/High corner) are still being negotiated. The City does not control the properties but is advocating for parking as a use on those spots.

We’ll start striping and signing Gay Street spots today, and the rest will come on line in the next few weeks.

Parking lot downtown

So the rumors were true.  I wish I could take off of work to go watch this, it’s at 10 AM today (Wednesday)! Exciting!!  If you have news from the unveiling, please leave a comment.

NBC4 reports: “The city will open its first scooter parking lot on Gay Street between Third and High.”

And from a City Press Release:

Mayor to Announce New Parking Areas for Motorcycles and Scooters

Mayor Michael B. Coleman will team with City Councilmember Maryellen O’Shaughnessy and local scooter enthusiasts Wednesday morning to announce the City’s plan to add new on-street and alley parking Downtown, in the Short North and in the Brewery District specifically designated for motorcycles and scooters.

10:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 16, 2008

61 East Gay Street, On sidewalk in front of Subway

I’m guessing they will unveil the lot on Gay Street, and announce their plans to open similar lots. Yay!!! This weekend I will scope it/them out and post some photos.

hat-tip to Walker of Columbus Underground. CU discussion can be found there too.

don’t park at Pearl Alley

In case you don’t ever go downtown, the City had a big crackdown on the parking in Pearl Alley.  Not surprisingly I think it’s…. ill-advised. If they did this at the same time (or really after) unveiling new secure scooter and motorcycle parking it would be a different story.

Dispatch article

Here are some thoughts by other people:

comments on Columbus Underground

Elephants on Bicycles

North Market parking tip

At North Market I’ve seen scooters park frequently on the SE side of the building, under the roof, outside, near the picnic tables.  (Basically behind the loading dock.)  Nothing to lock to, but I once parked there for several hours and not only did nothing happen to me, but nothing happened to the sweet helmet that was sitting on the nice white Vespa next to me.  And I think it would be difficult to pull up a car/truck/van next to that area, so it’s probably not a bad spot.  (Even for the paranoid like me.)  Please do not park at the bicycle racks, those are for bicycles.  And of course, if you ever have to ride on a sidewalk (*cough cough*) then be very careful, go slow or best is just to walk it – with the motor off.

Let the record show I am not a lawyer and my advice, legal or otherwise, is worth nothing.  🙂 

OSU PTW parking

Scooter parking is lacking here in Columbus, Ohio.  Heck, even motorcycle parking is lacking.  The exception would be OSU.  CSCC also has some designated motorcycle parking, but it’s not as extensive as OSU’s.  Last spring when I looked into CSCC parking they had not worked out the motorcycle parking permit (stickers) so it was all free.

On the other hand, OSU has maps, permits ($15 year round), and even two covered garages.  The garages also have visitor motorcycle parking, complete with a meter you feed.  A video about this is in the works, but for now, here’s a link!  (Student car permit prices for one full year range from $75 – west campus only – to $556.  Faculty and staff car permit prices range from $76 to $606.)